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Recent Press for LOKI Garments

Trail Bike Adventure Magazine - March 2009

SKI Magazine - December 2008

Outdoor Gear Guide - Summer 2008

Trail Bike Adventure Magazine - October 2007

Crux Climbing Journal - October 2007

Trail Bike Adventure Magazine - March 2007

GOLD104 Radio in Melbourne - April 2007


Trail Bike Adventure Magazine - March 2009


As reviewed by editor:

"LOKI Midi Performance Fleece and Goggle Beanie: A couple of years ago, Loki sent us a hoody that Tom takes absolutely everywhere and shows everyone.  This year the champions of Loki upgraded the hoody and chucked this beanie in with it.  It's a very trendy skullcap-type beanie, made of the same super-warm, super-light fabric as the hoody, but it's designed to double as a goggle pouch!  Brilliant!  Slip those goggles in the beanie, pull the drawstring and presto! They're as well-protected as a union leader in the Labor Party.  The new Midi Performance hoody is even more spectacular that the old one.  It's Loki's most popular addition to the line last season, and offers an ideal mixture of lightweight performance with a great fit.  Built with the 100g Cloud1 Fleece, it offers superb moisture-wicking within a lean and compact design.  In keeping with the garment's overall efficiency, the integrated Loki mitts are much less bulky than in other garments and virtually disappear when not in use.  Same face shield, hood and mittens as the old one.  Fantastic."



SKI Magazine - December 2008



SKI Magazine "Stuff We Like" Product Review

Slope Insurance: A lost glove is a nuisance at a resort and a potential disaster in the backcountry. So Loki set out to create "safe" clothing, including jackets with built-in mittens, face shields and neck gaiters.  When not in use, the mitts on the new, lightweight, quick-drying Midi Fleece tuck under the cuff. The gaiter - sewn in at the hood's midpoint - can be stashed behind your head or worn in front for full or partial face protection.


Outdoor Gear Guide - Summer 2008


Outdoor Gear Guide's Annual Summer Product Review

Tak: Loki's affordable, lightweight technical shell suitable for everyday use, this is waterproof, breathable and seam-sealed with LOKI mitts, face shield and zippered lumbar pocket which converts into a fully-functional daypack.

Myth: Loki's flagship technical garment, a waterproof softshell with fleece lining and sleek lines. Three-layer system with a breathable/waterproof membrane, integrated Loki mitts and faceshield plus a cinchable, fleece-lined hood.

Konk: Loki's all-around kids outer jacket, the Konk is fully waterproof with a durable outer shell that repels the weather yet provides exceptional warmth, integrated Loki mittens and faceshield that children love.



Trail Bike Adventure Magazine - October 2007


As reviewed by editor Tom Foster:

"LOKI Hoody: Back in our scrutineering-failing issue #14 we told you about this hoody from LOKI. We've had a chance to give it a workout during some cold days and nights crossing the Nullarbor, and we're big fans. It is so well-designed. The mittens that fold into the arms are fleecy and warm, just like the whole garment, and the palms are covered in some kind of plastic or leather. The hood flips over the there's a little face protector with an elastic top, so you can push it under your chin when there's food or coffee available, and let it flick up when you need the protection... or if you don't want to be recognized as you prowl the campsite for an unattended bike to raid for spares. We were also impressed with how light the top is. We definitely recommend it."


CRUX Climbing Journal - October 2007




As reviewed by editor Neil Monteith:

"Secret Ninja Suit: It's the kind of think that everyone will look at you wearing and think 'what a loser,' but that's ok because they will be cold and miserable while you are nice and toasty warm. I put mine to the test by wearing it while front-pointing through a recent Kosciusko blizzard - I was comfy as a <insert metaphor> while my more appropriately clad buddies shivered like <metaphor removed for political correctness>. The hoody has also proved incredibly useful on late-night ninja missions, as it takes about 2.63 seconds for a well-versed user to deploy the killing-mask and death-gloves, or an approximately equal time to re-disguise it as a more conventional and stylish garment sewn up by US Co. LOKI, the jumper's real name is 'Morf' and it's available here in Australia through climbinganchors.com. Word."





Trail Bike Adventure Magazine - March 2007


As reviewed by editor Tom Foster:

"LOKI Hoody: This top is actually intended for the snow, but Ian, the importer, is mad keen on dirt bikes, and he and his partner Victoria have sent us one to try out for the winter.  We'll do that, but in the meantime, we can't help but be impressed by the thing.  It's wonderfully thought out, with clever little mittens that fold into the sleeves and a face mask that tucks away in the hood.  In the middle of winter it'd be a godsend around a cold camp.  You can check out the range and colours on www.lokiaustralia.com.  Ian's asked us to give this one a workout, so when winter gets here we'll let you know how it goes."



Radio - April 2007

As heard on the GOLD104 Melbourne breakfast show with Grubby and DeeDee!