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MORF Hooded Jumper  NOW 50% OFF!
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Technical Rating:    Medium

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Activities: Outdoor or indoor casual

Description:  LOKI's must-have, best-selling product worldwide, the Morf is the perfect hoodie to warm you up after trail riding, surfing, skiing, climbing or simply curling up on the couch or hanging at the pub with mates. Constructed from a durable poly-cotton blend, the Morf offers a lined, cinchable hood with a built-in faceguard to keep out those chilly breezes that catch you by surprise. 

And don't worry about getting stuck at the pub without your gloves, the built-in LOKI mitts with extra grip will not only keep your beer cold, they will get you home with your digits intact.

Both pullover and zip-up styles in both men's and women's colours are available.

Features:  LOKI Face Shield;  LOKI Mitt with upgraded rubberized palm grip;  Stealth pocket (go on, try and find it!);  MP3 port;  Handwarmer pocket, 80/20 Cotton/Poly mix


Our Customers Say...

"We've had a chance to give (the Morf) a workout during some cold days and nights crossing the Nullarbor, and we're big fans. It is so well-designed. The mittens that fold into the arms are fleecy and warm, just like the whole garment.... We were also impressed with how light the top is. We definitely recommend it."
- Trail Bike Adventure Magazine Chief Editor Tom Foster in his official review of the Morf Hooded Jumper

"Hi Victoria, I received the Loki PO Hoodie on Friday and am very happy with it. I think so far everyone who has looked at it have all said what a great jersey it is and all want one! Regards, Grant Brown"
Grant Brown of Melbourne bought the Morf Pullover hoody for casual outdoor use

"Hi Victoria, I received my hoodie last night and love it.  Unfortunately I have been forced to take it off today due to my workmates failure to be amused by my surprise ninja attacks and our IT department demanding I stop typing with the mittens on. Cheers, Kerry"
- Kerry Spencer of Melbourne bought the Morf Zip-up hoody for casual outdoor use


Retail Price Now $50! $100 plus shipping

Colour:            Army                                                        Earth

Available Sizes: XS, S, M                                           S, M, L, XL
Sizing Guidelines


Colour:                    Black                                                 Crimson

Available Sizes:   XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL                        XS, S, M, L
Sizing Guidelines

Colour:                Orchid                                                 Navy  

Available Sizes:   XS, S                                                 XS, L     
Sizing Guidelines

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Retail Price Now $60! $120 plus shipping

Colour:           Army                                                                 Earth

Available Sizes:  S, L                                                              XS, L
Sizing Guidelines


Colour:               Black                                                          Crimson

Available Sizes:  XS, M, L                                                        XS
Sizing Guidelines

Colour:           Orchid                                                     Navy

Available Sizes: XS, S                                               XS, M, XL
Sizing Guidelines



Colour:                      Reed  

Available Sizes:       XS, L           
Sizing Guidelines

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