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MIDI Performance Fleece  NOW 50% OFF!
Read the recently published review on the Midi Fleece in SKI Magazine

Technical Rating:    High

Activities: Outdoor activities in cool weather or as a technical layering garment in the cold

Description:  LOKI's most popular addition to the line last season, the Midi fleece offers the ideal mixture of lightweight, technical performance with a muscular, articulated fit.

Built with the softest, 100g Cloud1 Fleece, this garment offers superb moisture-wicking technology within a lean and compact design. In keeping with the garment's overall efficiency, the integrated LOKI mitts are much less bulky than in other garments and virtually disappear when not in use.

Features: LOKI Face Shield;  Lean LOKI Mitt with rubberized palm strip;  Adjustable hood

Retail Price Now $75! $145 plus shipping


Colour:                Black/Goat                                                                   Goat                                                                                 Navy

Available Sizes:            L                                                                           S, L                                                                                                           S Only
Sizing Guidelines

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Women's MIDI Performance Fleece

Retail Price Now $75! $145 plus shipping

An attractive addition to the successful LOKI Women's range, the Midi is a delightful garment that provides an essential winter piece to be worn on its own as a fashionable external layer, or as a cozy centrepiece to a complete weatherproof system that includes either the women's Myth or Levity outer shells.

The women's Midi offers a flattering, shapely cut for every size in the range including tapered waist, smaller shoulders, shorter arm lengths and a low-profile hood.

Be sure to get in quick as this style sells out fast each season.

Colour:                 Shiraz                                                                    Black

Available Sizes:   XS, S, M                                                             XS, S, XL
Sizing Guidelines


Colour:                 Orchid                                                                  Black/Gray

Available Sizes:     S Only                                                                     S Only
Sizing Guidelines

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