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LORE Light Soft Shell  NOW 50% OFF!

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Technical Rating:    Medium

Activities: Hiking, cycling, kayaking, running or other high-output activities in cool weather

Description: LOKI's most popular garment for all four seasons, the Lore is an ultra-lightweight and breathable soft shell that acts like a windbreaker to provide warmth without bulk for high-activity endeavours.

Constructed from pliable Midgard Lite fabric, the Lore is water repellent, fully breathable and offers stretch-comfort design.  Furthermore, the secret lumbar pocket at the back turns the jacket into itself to become a low-profile day pack to be worn invisibly when not in use. With its lightweight design, the Lore is the perfect workout companion to protect you from those surprise cool changes and wind gusts when you hit the road, track or water in spring, summer and autumn.

Features: Adjustable LOKI Face Shield; Integrated LOKI Mitt with full palm grip;  LOKI Npac with lumbar pocket and convertible day pack; Adjustable roll-down hood; Low profile hand pockets; Dual hem cinches; Articulated fit

Note: For a fully waterproof (20,000), breathable (20,000) expedition hard shell system, try the Levity


Our Customers Say...

"Hey there! Been meaning to tell you I LOVE the jacket, I'll try and get some pics of it flying and gooning in a hang glider down to ya real soon. Cheers, Stuie"
- Stuart Coad bought the Lore Light Soft Shell to use while flying high in northern NSW

Retail Price Now $120! $240 plus shipping


Colour:                    Black/Goat                                                                   Goat/Black                                                 Turns into a backpack!

Available Sizes:  Please contact us
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LORE Soft Shell Pant

Technical Rating:    Medium

Activities: Outdoor bushwalking or other activities in cool weather

Description: After much anticipation and enthusiastic customer demand, LOKI has finally introduced a stylish, yet durable casual pant for outdoor enthusiasts of every variety. True to LOKI form, the Lore pant is highly versatile and distinctly multi-dimensional.

Offering a stylish design with an articulated fit, the Lore features an integrated gaiter system to hook onto hiking boots, a cuff guard to resist abrasion by active boot and leg movement and a nylon belt with a durable clasp.

Constructed from the super-comfortable Midgard Lite fabric, the Lore pant is water repellent, fully breathable and offers stretch-comfort design.

Features: Cuflok gaiter system, articulated fit, cargo pocket, abrasion-resistant cuff guard, dual hand pockets, integrated nylon web belt.

Note: For a fully waterproof (20,000), breathable (20,000) expedition pant system, try the Levity. For a cargo-style, all around ski pant, try the Meta.