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FUSE Kids Hoody  NOW 55% OFF!

Technical Rating:    Medium

Activities: Outdoors or indoors - anytime to keep them warm!

Description:  LOKI's must-have, best-selling hoodie has received a pint-sized makeover!  Made JUST for kids, the Fuse will quickly become one of your child's favourite pieces of clothing. 

Constructed from a durable poly-cotton blend, the all-in-one Fuse comes equipped with LOKI's innovative built-in mittens, warm fuzzy faceguard, and lined cinchable hood to ensure that your pride and joy will never be caught out unprepared in the cold.

Features:  LOKI Face Shield;  LOKI Mitt with upgraded rubberized palm grip;  Stealth pocket (go on, try and find it!);  MP3 port;  Dual handwarmer pocket;  and cool, just-for-kids graphic on the back


Pullover Retail Price Now $45! $95 plus shipping

Colour:             Orchid                                              Navy                                                    Earth

Sizes:        S, M, L, XL, XXL                           S, M, XL, XXL                                           M, L
Sizing Guidelines



Colour:                    Garnet                                               Black                                               Army

Available Sizes:         M, L                                           M, L, XXL                                     S, M, L, XXL
Sizing Guidelines

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Zip-Up Retail Price Now $50! $110 plus shipping

Colour:             Orchid                                                 Army                                                 Garnet                                                Black

Sizes:                M only                                               S, M, L                                               M, XL                                                       S, M, L, XL
Sizing Guidelines

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KONK Kids Snow Parka   NOW 55% OFF!

Activities: Outdoor activities in cold climates - ideal for playing in the snow!

Description:  LOKI's all-around snow parka JUST for kids, the Konk is a warm, waterproof jacket with down-like comfort. Made from LOKI's Asgard fabric, the Konk has a durable outer shell that repels wind and water while providing the soft warmth of a sleeping bag.

And the integrated LOKI mittens will ensure that your little ones will always stay warm and never lose their mitts again!

Features: LOKI Face Shield;  LOKI Mitt with full palm, rubberized grip;  Chest pocket;  Inside pocket;  Face Shield adjustments;  and Roll-down hood with cinchable adjustments.

Retail Price Now $120! $270  plus shipping


Colour:                                 Gray/Port                                                         Black/Gray                                                          Navy/Black

Available Sizes:                     S, M, XL                                                          S, M only                                                                                   M only
Sizing Guidelines

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