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Accessories  NOW 60-70% OFF!

Technical Rating:    High

Activities: These matching fleece gloves and beanies work seamlessly with all of the LOKI garments and are stylish enough to be worn on their own as well.  The beanies also serve as little goggle bags that cinch closed to keep your goggles dry and protected from scratches.

Features: Cloud1 Fleece, 100 weight, nylon cinch cord on the Goggle Beanies


Men's Fleece Gloves

Retail Price Now $10! $25 plus shipping


Colour:                           Black            

Sizes:                            S, M, L
Sizing Guidelines 

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Women's Fleece Gloves

Retail Price Now $10! $25 plus shipping



Colour:                    Shiraz                                                                      Iris                                                                 Black

Sizes:                      S, M, L                                                                                         S, M                                                                                  S, M, L 
Sizing Guidelines 

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Fleece Goggle Beanie

Retail Price Now $10! $32 plus shipping



Colour:                    Navy                                                                      Fuschia                                                                 Black

Also available in the colours Shiraz and Iris as shown above and Silver as shown below

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