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About Us

About LOKI

Named for the Norwegian God of Mischief (who baffled people by changing his shape to fit into different environments), LOKI was created in 1997 by two mountaineering brothers in Colorado who were searching for a single piece of clothing that would serve multiple functions.

Their search ended in vain and so they decided to design an innovative range of technical outerwear that they could use in a variety of conditions whether they were mountaineering, skiing, mountain biking or hiking.  Going one step further, they decided to add truly unique features into each garment including mitts built into the sleeves and a facemask built into the hood. 

LOKI began as a high-tech, high-function garment known only to Colorado locals, but within a few years quickly gained a reputation and developed a cult-like following among mountain men and women who appreciated the quality and design (not to mention the price!) that no other garment could offer.

Twelve years later, LOKI is now widely available across the States and around the globe all the while maintaining its trendy image through continuous innovation in their garmentsí function and design.



 About LOKI Australia

In 2004, two Mt Hotham ski patrollers - Ian and Victoria - discovered LOKI while patrolling overseas at Squaw Valley, CA.  Immediately impressed by the LOKI features, technical function, and stylish design, they approached the boys in Colorado about setting up an importing arrangement to bring LOKI to Australia and New Zealand. The four hit it off instantly and the budding relationship began. 

Today, five years later, LOKI Australia has grown significantly from that first delivery of three LOKI jackets to the Mt Hotham ski patrol. LOKI is now available through a variety of channels: sold direct to public in the Alpine High Country of Victoria, sold online from the website www.lokiaustralia.com, and represented by a handful of select partners around Australia and New Zealand. What was once a completely unknown brand, LOKI Australia has recently gained broad recognition through recent PR coverage in magazines and radio, along with steadily growing word-of mouth awareness.

Please feel free to ring or contact us anytime. We welcome all inquiries and comments and we look forward to introducing you to the LOKI family!

Cheers and see you out on the hill!

Vic and Ian J